Once you have learned the basics of Scala, here are some useful references

Cheat sheet for Scala syntax
by Brendan
Scala for Java programmers
A Scala cheat sheet for Java programmers by Sundararajan

Core Library API Reference

The Scala Library API documentation
is a link you will need to keep handy.
The Java Library API documentation
is also as invaluable in Scala programming as it is in Java programming.

The Scala documentation above generated automatically by Scaladoc from the Scala source in the same way as the Java documentation is generated by Javadoc from the Java source.

Unfortunately Scaladoc is not yet as polished as Javadoc, and the documentation comments in the source code are much more meagre in the Scala library than in the Java library. So the net result is that the Scala Library API documentation is somewhat harder to work with and a bit less useful than the Java Library API documentation.

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